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Camp Tamiyd, Inc.

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Westbridge, British Columbia, V0H 2B0

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About Camp Tamiyd, Inc.

Our Ministry:
The Biblical focus of this ministry is to spread a knowledge of our wonderful God and His Son Yeshua. We do this by teaching about the Sabbath and annual feasts, prophecy (especially as it relates to soon-coming world events), and general Bible knowledge. We accept our part in the mandate to make disciples of all nations, to baptize and to teach people to observe all things that we are commanded (Matthew 28:19-20).

In 2016 Yah opened the door of opportunity for Tom to prepare a place of safety to ride out the coming storm. We are warned of a time of trouble such as never was. What separates Tom from many Bible teachers today is that he is not only teaching people about the time of the end, but his actions demonstrate his beliefs. As in the days of Noah, he is actively preparing an ark of safety for the saving of his family, which is instrumental in helping others to understand they need to prepare both spiritually and physically as well. (For more about the camp, please see our page About Camp Tamiyd.)

The Ministry holds yearly convocations at the camp corresponding with Passover in the spring, Pentecost seven weeks after, and Tabernacles in the fall. These sessions are filled with Bible study, prayer, sharing testimonies, fellowship, and baptisms.

About Tom Stapleton:
People often inquire about Tom Stapleton’s religious background. As you no doubt know, just about everyone in Hebrew Roots had to come out of somewhere to get to where they are today. Tom is no exception to this rule. He was raised as a Catholic until his early teens. In his twenties, he was introduced to the Seventh-day Adventist church, where he learned the Sabbath and many of the Torah requirements, such as clean and unclean meats. However, it didn’t take him long to discover the feasts (about 30 years ago). That brought him in conflict with the Seventh-day Adventist church. Additionally, as you get more and more into Tom’s end time prophetic teachings you will soon discover that they are not in line with the Adventists’ traditional historicist view.

Despite these two major differences of understanding, Tom wrote a book on the festivals geared specifically to help Seventh-day Adventists understand how the festivals fit into God’s plan. This book has been instrumental in helping many Seventh-day Adventists grow in their understanding to accept God’s holy days. (If you are Seventh-day Adventist, or trying to share the festivals someone who is, see the book Restoration of God’s Festivals in our web store.)

We hope that people are more interested in where the Spirit is leading Tom today than where his journey began 35 years ago. With Yah’s grace and Spirit, all of us collectively will continue growing into more truth throughout eternity.

Tom’s Books:
Tom has written four books, all available on our web store. He has two books on the festivals (the one mentioned above geared to Seventh-day Adventists, Restoration of God’s Festivals,  and one geared to all other believers, Reclaiming God’s Festivals). His latest book is The Wise Shall Understand: Daniel and Revelation, where he combines the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation with the typology of the festivals in their fulfillment. Not only does this give a clearer picture of the end-time prophecies, but it completely explains the various timeline dates given by Daniel and John the Revelator. His fourth book, The Character of God, addresses the false teaching that God does not kill. He lays out the danger inherent in this misunderstanding of God’s loving character.

Please participate with Tom Stapleton and Camp Tamiyd, Inc. with your prayers and support, your input, and by sharing our message with others.

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